Root Canal

We know they sound scary, but a root canal is a common dental procedure that many people undergo yearly. It’s a procedure used to treat a tooth that is severely decayed or infected and, as a result, is causing pain. Don’t worry; we numb the area so well you won’t be able to feel anything but the pressure – we promise!

Root Canal procedure


The first step is to x-ray the tooth to determine where the pulp is located. Once identified, we will numb the area and drill a small hole into the tooth’s root, and then use special tools to remove the infected pulp.

Once the pulp has been removed, we clean and seal it with a temporary filling in the tooth to protect it until you can come back for a permanent filling or crown.

When a root canal is needed

Root canals are often needed when a cavity becomes so large that it reaches the pulp of the tooth. Left untreated, an infected pulp can cause pain, swelling, and even death of the tooth.

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